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Ice cream flavors

Discover all the information you need to delight your senses with our delicious options. From classic flavors to innovative creations, we are eager to share with you the magic of each ice cream we offer.

Soft serve ice cream

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  • Coco
    The tropical freshness of coconut comes together in a soft and exotic ice cream that will transport you to an island paradise.
  • Tiramisu
    Mascarpone cheese, coffee, cocoa and coffee liqueur
  • Oreo (1)
    The crunchy pleasure of Oreo cookies combines with the smoothness of ice cream in this sweet and addictive experience.
  • Pistacho
    The refined taste of pistachio, with its irresistible creaminess and hints of walnut, will transport you to a world of pleasure.
  • Vainilla
    Classic vanilla, a delicious explosion of smoothness and flavor in every scoop of this iconic ice cream.
  • Strawberry with cream
    Strawberry with cream
    The freshness of the strawberries combines with the smoothness of the cream in this deliciously balanced ice cream.
  • Blue moon
    Blue moon
    Blue vanilla
  • Stracciatella
    American cream with chocolate granita
  • Banana Split (1)
    Banana split
    With dulce de leche and chocolate granita
  • Mascarpone con frutos rojos (1)
    Mascarpone with red fruits
    The softness of the mascarpone meets the explosion of red fruit flavors in an elegant and delicious ice cream.
  • Menta Granizada
    Granulated mint
    Mint with chocolate granita
  • Tramontana
    American cream, chocolate chips and dulce de leche
  • Traditional Dulce de leche
    Traditional Dulce de leche
    The classic and comforting taste of dulce de leche, transformed into a deliciously smooth and indulgent ice cream.
  • Dulce de leche granizado (1)
    Granulated dulce de leche
    with chocolate granita


Water ice cream

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  • Mango (1)
    The tropical juiciness of mango merges into a deliciously refreshing ice cream that transports you to exotic climes.
  • Fresa al agua
    The natural sweetness of strawberries stands out in this ice cream, offering a fresh and fruity flavor that will delight your senses.
  • Limon
    The citrusy freshness of lemon shines through in this ice cream, offering a refreshing experience full of vitality.
  • Maracuya (1)
    The passion of passion fruit in every spoonful: a tropical and refreshing ice cream that awakens the senses with its unique flavor.
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    Berries of the forest
    An explosion of natural flavors: berries are combined in a refreshing ice cream full of antioxidants.

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